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J.D. Byrider in Appleton, WI

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Phone: 920.749.7979
2301 W. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

J.D. Byrider Description

Quality customers expect. And the respect they deserve.

Like everyone else, our customers expect quality, whether it’s in reliable vehicles, expert servicing, or affordable financing. Unlike anyone else, J.D. Byrider delivers all three. Our offerings reflect the respect we have for our hard-working customers.

Vehicles—We use our exclusive Discover System database to identify the most reliable vehicles. Then our specialists go out carrying a fine-toothed comb, because we buy only the best from our targeted model years. Back at the shop, we put each vehicle through a demanding inspection, making sure it meets our comprehensive inspection standards. On average, we spend another $1,100 to ensure the car meets those standards. Finally, each car can be checked with either CARFAX® or EXPERIAN® to confirm that its title is not branded.

Servicing—After the sale, we provide expert service exclusively for our customers. It just makes good business sense for us to keep the customer happy, rolling, and continuing to make payments on time. Most of our servicing is provided at either no cost or at our cost. Those modern service bays are not a separate profit center—they’re another satisfaction center.

Financing—We’re not just looking for a transaction. We want a relationship. We provide our customers with a high-value piece of merchandise, possibly the single most expensive item they own. For our relationship to be win-win, it needs to work. So we work with our customers to find the best vehicle for their needs, and the best one for their budget. Selling a car that our customers can’t afford does no good at all.

We don’t underserve customers because of a credit challenge. Credit card debt, divorce, loss of a job, or a variety of common situations can easily lead to a damaged credit rating for consumers.

We strive to accommodate each customer, but not everyone qualifies for financing. For those that do, we can help get them moving, back on the road…advancing.

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