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John Turner's Northside Auto in Appleton, WI

John Turner's Northside Auto Dealership Map

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Phone: 920.810.2736
1325 North Linwood Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

John Turner's Northside Auto Description

I have been in the car business for over 20 years buying and selling vehicles for hundreds of customers as an employee at several valley dealerships.  In 2010 I decided to take the next step in meeting my customers needs.  That next step is John Turner's Northside Auto.

Our customers have been telling us for years that they liked the idea and the results of "ordering" a used vehicle from us.  They quickly became used to the idea of NOT having to go from one car dealer to the next being pushed to buy whatever happened to be on the lot.  They truly enjoyed not having to go through the negotiations hassle, never being sure that they got a good deal, much less the best deal.  They actually found our vehicle buying process enjoyable.

What We Do

Buy The Vehicle You Desire
We will talk to you about your needs and wants, add our expertise, and go out and find the vehicle you desire.  It doesn't get any easier than that.   Many of our customers report actually enjoying the purchase process!  Click here for the details.

Sell The Vehicle You Are Disposing Of
We take the hassle out of getting the best price for your trade-in without inflating the cost of your next vehicle.

Take Care Of The Vehicle You Have
We manage all aspects of taking car of your existing car - at a price that is almost always better than you could find on your own.

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